Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yesterday we decided to share Hannah with the Big Island of Hawaii. It was the full moon, and we were going to be on the windward side of the island again, it just seemed like the right time and the right place. So, with our little bit of Hannah with us, we headed off for another day in Hawaii.

We spread Hannah's ashes first at the Rainbow Falls, just outside of Hilo. Beautiful spot. It is so amazing that an island with such a desert like environment on one side can have such a lush rain forest on the other side. So green, so thick with beautiful growth, that just opens up to the most awe inspiring waterfalls and views. We took the little walk to the top of the headwaters and shared some of Hannah here, so that she would be able to rush with the water, in this beautiful setting.

Our next stop was at sunset. Just before the full moon rose up to blanket the area in it's glory. We decided that Kilauea Volcano would be another perfect spot for Hannah. It amazes me each time I see the volcano, that something so devastating can be so beautiful. And how it creates land, capable of sustaining such lush rain forests. Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. So we navigated through the sulfur clouds at dusk and placed a lei as an offering, made from Maile leaves and Puakenikeni flowers, to Pele, to guide Hannah through this tough terrain that she may also rise. The flowers were beautiful and so fragrant, and a traditional lei for the occasion. I have a picture of the sunset over the Volcanoes National Park.

A picture of the shrine to Pele that has been created, and you can see the Lei we laid in honor of Hannah in the front. A picture of me spreading her ashes. A picture of the outside of the shrine. It was made from a caved in portion of a lava tube, out on the rim of Kilauea Volcano. This is the closest you can get to the actual volcano. The next picture shows how close this shrine is to the volcano itself. And a last picture of lava that flows a few miles away from Kilauea volcano. Hannah enjoy the journey, I know it will be spectacular.

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