About ME

Hi there, I am so grateful you made your way to my blog, whether you stumbled upon it or followed a link, I appreciate your time.

My name is Pam.  My two sons, husband and I live, love and laugh on a small mini farm in the foothills of North Carolina, USA.  I enjoy sustainable living, gardening, knitting, crocheting, painting, reading, hiking, and other activities that may change from time to time.  I am earth centered, grounded in the here and now, while still wondering and dreaming about the future as well as learning from the past.

I started this blog to explore the feeling of opening myself up to others. I chose the name of the blog in honor of my Native American ancestry.  Sea Gull was the name my father called me as a child, Gentle Gull is the name my husband and children thought most befitting. I am an introvert, but want to challenge myself, and crack open that door, share my thoughts and feelings, my process, my growth in all directions.  I am hoping others may find encouragement to do the same, or resonate with something I have written, so you know you are not alone.  You will find a smattering of my crafty/artsy side here on this blog, as well as posts exploring me, my past, my learning process, my emotional side, and my spiritual side. I also share our family life, consensual living, unschooling, and my children as they grow and change, and how I feel about all of it.

So I am glad you are here, I hope you return often, and share your thoughts with me.

Love and Peace,

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