Thursday, July 20, 2017

Growing and Changing

Wow, my oldest turned 23 on Tuesday.  We were unbelievably busy on Tuesday so he chose to celebrate yesterday instead.   His pick was out to eat at The Wisteria, a local restaurant we enjoy. And then it was home for cake, ice cream and presents.  He chose, again this year, a sachertorte, for his cake.  He likes this, but it is a lot of egg, so I am out on this one.  He loved it, so I loved making it.  It is so hard and yet easy to believe he is 23.  I remember everything, the day he was born (of course) all of his firsts, just like they were all yesterday.

I have my BSN and had worked in the NICU and the well baby nursery, I was a lactation consultant and a Lamaze instructor, but none of that prepared me for how amazing and challenging motherhood has been.  Such a wonderful new adventure that changes daily.  I wouldn't change a thing and have loved every second of it.  I can't wait to see what is next for this amazing young man, as well as his brother.

It is just hard to believe, sometimes, that we have lived and laughed here in Burke County North Carolina for almost 20 years.  Hard to believe that I am the mother of a 23 year old human being.  Ah, such is life, my life, a wonderful life of growth and change.

In the photo you can see his tiny hand prints on the wall toward the top right.  
Those were done in the year 2000.  So tiny.  

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