Thursday, June 8, 2017

Birthday Card

OK this is the birthday card that my boys made this year.  I LOVE it.  There was so much thought put into this card and it so speaks to my heart.   Here is the card:

The boys explained it like this... The moon represents their father.  The planet on the left is Mars, which represents my youngest son, Phillip.  He was born March 22 and is an Aries which has Mars as a ruling planet.  The planet on the right represents my oldest son, Dallen.  And even thought he is a Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, they felt that their father's role in the family was more in line with the moon.  That big shining Sun on the card is me.  And my son said "mom that sun is you because you are the center of this family and you hold the family together."  That sentiment just brought tears to my eyes.  I have such an amazing family, so thoughtful and caring.  It feels so amazing to be surrounded by so much love.  My heart and my house are full of love.

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