Monday, January 2, 2017

Journaling Throughout the Year

Anyone else out here journal?  I have so many journals, many not even touched. It is something I find hard to resist when I am out and about, a great journal.  And that means different things, it could be just wonderful paper either in color, or small details on the pages, or it could mean paper quality, like hand made paper or thicker paper.  I love the different covers, some are plain or simple, and some are ornate, decorated, or just the perfect color.  Some covers have sayings on them or just words.  I also look at bindings, I love a great handmade journal with a coptic  stitch binding so it lays flat.  Or just perforated pages that easily tear out without leaving a mess of straggly paper behind.

I use journals for so many things, to take notes on different topics, to write down herbal remedies.  Soap making recipes, my todo lists, knitting patterns and progress, my journal for my thoughts....I have different journals for different topics.  And I keep my older journals.  Most have nothing in there that would ever be of interest to anyone.  But I  know how much I enjoy running into something handwritten by my mom, so I keep them.

I just stumbled across something I thought I would try.  I found this list of ideas.  A collection of journal prompts to leave as a legacy.  One prompt per week.  The prompts are so interesting and thoughtful.  And I do journal daily, so thought this would fit in nicely.  I am sharing it here in case anyone else journals and is looking for ideas.  I found it on the Family Search Blog, this morning.   The title is 52 Questions in 52 Weeks.  

Here is a sneak peek at the first few prompts, please go to the page for the complete list: 
  1. What is your full name? Explain why your parents gave you that name.
  2. When and where were you born? Describe your home, your neighborhood, and the town you grew up in.
  3. What memories do you have of your father (his name, birth date, birthplace, parents, and so on)?
  4. What memories do you have of your mother (her name, birth date, birthplace, parents, and so on)?
  5. What kind of work did your parents do (farmer, salesman, manager, seamstress, nurse, stay-at-home mom, professional, laborer, and so on)?
I see the promps as exactly what they are, starting points.  I can just visualize where I want to go from each one.  I think this will be a fun year of reflection for me.

So if you journal like I do, or if you don't but think this is a great reflection tool and something you would like to try, along with me, go check it out.  If you have a pile of journals just perfect for this particular project or if you have some scratch paper hanging around that you like to jot your grocery lists on, grab them.  You can use your fancy fountain pen that writes so smooth, or you can use the pencil you brought home after your last round of golf.  It doesn't matter.  The process is what matters most, getting the most out of the prompts, sitting down to put words to paper.  If you love that process you might enjoy this project.  So join me!

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