Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Winners and Losers

Why is our society so obsessed with winners and losers.  There has to be a winner and a loser (or losers).  I saw it again this morning after the vice presidential debate.  All this talk about who won and who lost, and then the sound bites and short clips featuring the "best zingers".  What is this really all about, a circus side show, or some high school debate club.

For me there is no winner or loser, that is for us to decide come November.  It is about hearing the answers to, hopefully, well thought out questions that are aimed at important issues we see in today's world.  This isn't a high school debate club where you are scored, graded and immediately given a trophy. This is so much more than that.  And seriously, if this were a high school debate team, they would know the rules of the game.  There wouldn't be all this talking over each other and interrupting.  I am starting to think calling these shows, debates, is a sorry use of the word.  Maybe there needs to be a different name attached, and let's just forget about declaring an immediate winner or loser and get back to the issues at hand.  Instead of showing clips of zingers or mishaps how about showing real answers to tough questions.  Instead of thinking the American public is too ignorant to pick a winner for themselves, how about helping educate about the topics and challenges.

I myself will pick my OWN winner when I vote.  And not just presidential, but more importantly local and state offices.

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