Sunday, October 9, 2016


My husband is so wonderful.  And really this is a first.  I think I have mentioned before that he is not a great gift giver.  Well actually that isn't true, he is successful at picking out gifts for one person, his friend Ken. And he and Ken are really only friends because years ago, Ken's wife, Lori and I met through a homeschooling group.  We have been friends for probably around 15 years or so, during that time Jackson and Ken have become friends.  I think he picks out such great gifts for Ken because they do have a lot in common.  Things he would enjoy getting as gifts, he knows, Ken will enjoy as well.  But for anyone else, he is not a good gift giver.

So the fact that I loved this gift AND it was for no special occasion AND it comes at the perfect time for me, as I know today will be a hard, emotional day, all of those things make this extra special-tastic.

I have been drooling over this cookware set at The Kitchen Connection in Morganton for a few months now.  I showed them to Jackson and picked out the one I would like to own first to "try them out".  They are beautiful and heavy and....expensive, so I asked Jackson to remember this for Christmas for me.  Well they were on sale yesterday, and he bought me one, and he didn't put it away for Christmas, he gave it to me!!  I just love this man.  I don't think he even thinks that today will be a hard day for me.  But this is special, and sweet, and I love it!

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