Saturday, October 8, 2016

Out of the Darkness Walk

Tomorrow is the BIG day, the AFSP Out of the Darkness walk in Asheville.  Yesterday my youngest son, Phillip, decided he wanted to join us and walk as a family. I am just so happy about this, it will be an amazing day.  He also created our team tee shirt logo, and we worked last night getting those together.  We do want to look like a team.  For each of us our colors are different.  My color is gold, I lost a parent.  But for Jackson and the boys, their color is purple, loss of a friend or relative.  So we decided to go with a grey tee shirt for the walk.  My dad was a fisherman and his buoy colors were white and blue, so that is what he decided to use as part of the logo.  My family is just so thoughtful.

It will be an amazing, thought provoking, memory making, tearful day for me.  It will be 20 years this Halloween that I lost my dad to suicide.  Time does not "heal all wounds".  If you would like to donate here is the link for that, all donations are SO appreciated! :

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