Friday, September 16, 2016


This has been a busy week, with meetings and get togethers, and I am exhausted.  Yesterday was the straw. I could feel it coming on yesterday afternoon, and sat in the backyard in the sun looking out over the pasture and the mountains in the background, knitting, for a while.  That helped.

I had decided to attend a workshop hosted at the local Food Matters market.  They have such a lovely space there. I thought it looked interesting and would give me an opportunity to get out of my shell a bit.  It was somewhat informative, the topic was digestive health.

Before the event someone was asking, online, for a ride and really I was going almost right past her house to get to Food Matters.  So, even though I didn't know this person, I decided to do something I normally wouldn't, and give her a ride.  Well I don't wear much perfume if any, sometimes I wear a little, but not much.  And she, well she was covered in perfume.

We get to the event and of course the seats that remain are in the front and this woman sat right next to me. During the lecture the perfume was really getting to me, and my head started pounding.  I was sitting in the front so already uncomfortable to begin with.  (Don't people know the seats by the door are reserved for us introverts. If you want to interject your own thoughts all during the lecture, sit in the front.)  I couldn't escape easily, without everyone looking at me (introvert nightmare).  So I sat there for an hour, smelling that perfume, wanting to just cry and run out of the room.

I think with all the social things I did this week, this lecture was just one too many.  I came home and just cried for a few minutes.  I felt disconnected from my family, I think I spent too much time outside the house in the evenings.  All evening I could smell that perfume, changing my clothes didn't help.  My car now smells like that perfume.  I need this coming weekend to recoup, and air out my car and just connect with my family, spend time in my garden, knit.  Be within my comfort zone for a while. No more "new things" for this introvert for a little while.

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