Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Love You

It was a long day yesterday, for me anyway.  After friends left the house, I cleaned up dishes and wiped down the counters, Jackson and I had a chance to sit down together and just flip on the television for a few minutes before bed.  The TV was on one of the Charlotte channels and there was the news.  We were watching the riots in downtown Charlotte.  It was scary and I was amazed to see so many young people, screaming, running, vandalizing, scared and hurting.  We just kind of sat in silence, grateful that our boys were safe at home.  After watching for a bit and checking in with friends who have family in the Charlotte area, we decided to head on to bed.  I, as usual, made another quick round in the kitchen, clearing any dishes, and turning out the light.  I peeked my head into the living room as I do every night and said good night to the boys and as usual I said "I love you".

Now Jackson isn't an "I love you" kind of guy.  He will say it in response to me, as I say "I love you" frequently to my family.  But he is not the kind of guy to tell his boys that he loves them, or me for that matter.  But last night, he followed behind me and peeked his head into the living room and also said "good night boys, I love you."  So he was feeling it too, the emotional pull of being with family.  And we headed to bed.  Thinking about all those people out in the streets of Charlotte.

A friend said it well this morning while we were chatting.  She said (and these are not her exact words) that those people belong to someone.  Those young men and women, they belong to someone.  Those police officers, they belong to someone.  No one is here on this earth completely alone, there is someone in this world that knows them, cares about them.  So remember that when you meet people on the street as you go about your day.  That person belongs to someone, just as your child belongs to someone.  Let's treat each other as if that were our "someone".

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