Wednesday, September 21, 2016

His Eye Is On the Sparrow

This was my mother's favorite hymn.  Gosh she couldn't carry a tune at all, but she would always sing in church, in the car, around the house.  I can just picture her smiling and singing now. And she loved this hymn, she loved Sundays when Ronald Dolloff would sing this as a solo in church.  He sang this song at her funeral.

I was driving to the gym yesterday and somehow it hit me, I don't know why.  I can't remember now if a bird flew over the road or what it was but I started thinking about this song and about my mom.  For some reason I couldn't remember the words to the song.  I have spent enough hours in church growing up, and in the choir as a young adult that I know most hymns by heart.  And generally I can recall this song, when I think of my mom.  But yesterday I couldn't.  That brought me to tears.  It felt in my heart like I was forgetting pieces of her.  That felt so wrong.  I want to remember every single bit of my mom.

So I came home and found the song on youtube.  No, it isn't Ronnie Dolloff singing, so the same memories are not the same.  But it helped me remember the words.

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