Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Social Media and E Mail

I enjoy social media, e mail, blogging, reading blogs and things like that.  It keeps me connected to my family in other parts of the country, and helps me to easily reach out to friends for information, discuss getting together.  I stay informed about what is going on in our state, events going on around the country, what is going on locally.  I just feel connected from the comfort of my living room and I like it.

Jackson, however, is not on social media, and has no desire.  He also does not answer e mail, well I shouldn't say that...he rarely answers e mail.  There have been times he will ask me what to do when he has over a thousand e mails in his in box.  I let him know you can either go through them all, or if you aren't bothered by it, you can just click to "select all" and delete them.  He generally chooses to delete them.  And he never wonders what was there, doesn't bother him at all.

While I do like my connection to family and friends, sometimes I really like how he goes through life.  He is exactly here in this moment, right now.  He focuses on what is right in front of him now.  What needs to be done around the house, where he wants to go and what he wants to do now.  He doesn't think about the "Raise the Age" discussion or voter suppression, as his only contact with that is what he reads in the online news.  He isn't seeing daily posts from people affected.  I envy that at times.

Now the flip side is that he never knows what is going on with family or friends.  He relies on me to keep him informed of anything important.  Maybe he just feels that if people don't call him on the phone, whatever is going on can't be that important.  I think in the end we balance each other out with social media.  I might pull him away from this moment by talking about things going on around us, and he pulls me back in by looking at exactly what is going on in our own back yard.


JenG said...

I like that you balance each other out. To me, this is what marriage or partnership is all about. One person has these particular skills, the other person has these other skills. The sum is greater than the separate parts.


Pam Genant said...

Thank you so much, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog
<3 Pam