Thursday, August 4, 2016

Restful Sleep

The last two nights I have had the best, most restful sleep in a long time.  Waking up every few hours seems to be my normal, but these last couple of nights I have fallen back to sleep easily, and quickly.  And I have just felt a sense of comfort and safety reaching over and feeling Jackson beside me.  He is there every night, but these last couple of nights I have just stilled for a second in a feeling of gratitude for his presence, knowing that he is there and that I am walking through this life with my best friend right there beside me.

Without my parents to lean on, Jackson's love and companionship have helped sooth my soul, and I just feel thankful. Grateful for Jackson, for a good night's sleep, and for this life.

OK I do need to explain the photo a bit.  Yes this is our bed.  And yes the pillows are at the foot of the bed. Everyone who sees the bed asks about this.  We were sleeping at the head, like "normal" people.  But at one point, we were considering changing the bed around.  I suggested we try it out first before moving that monstrous bed around, it is just so heavy so we need to take it apart to move it.  So we flipped the bedding and started sleeping at the foot.  I discovered that it was so much more comfortable for me to have a place to "put my hair".  Those of you with LONG hair will totally understand.  When the pillows are at the head, there is a headboard, as usual.  And my long hair has no place to go except around my neck, which drives me crazy and is hot and itchy. I tried braids, it was just too uncomfortable.  Sleeping at the foot of the bed I just let my hair hang down over the edge.  Problem solved, and very comfortably I might add.  So we have kept the bed like this ever since.

Hope you all have a restful night's sleep!

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