Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Christmas Presents

OK so I finished up a pair of socks for Jackson for Christmas and made a pair for myself for Christmas, while on vacation.  Jackson's socks are made from the Zauberball yarn, with which I am now in LOVE!  I just think the blending of colors is so unique.  I can't wait to go back to O Suzannah's yarn on Union and pick up some more.  I saw in a picture she posted on facebook that the shop has more in stock.  YAY for me!  You should all like her facebook page, she posts some amazing projects to the page.

The yarn I used for the pair for myself is an "artist hand dyed" yarn, extrafine, superwash marino.  And it is scrumptious.  The color in the picture looks blue, but really that is a deep, rich purple color.  Loved the way these turned out and that colorway of yarn is also available at O Suzannah's.  And yes, I am going to save these and give them to myself for Christmas, can't think of a better present.

Also, NO, Jackson will not see these socks.  I can knit anything right under his nose and he doesn't notice. So only if someone sees this post and tells him, will he know, he doesn't read my blog.

Happy knitting everyone, remember be thinking about those Christmas knitting projects now so you won't feel rushed come December!

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