Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mom's Purse and Dad's Wallet

I started reading the Stephen King novel Bag of Bones, this week.  Great beach reading and I haven't read Stephen King in years.  In the first chapter the narrator talks about looking through the contents of his wife's purse after her death.  So the last few days I have been thinking about my mother's purse. You know, I can't remember what was in it or looking through it after her death although I know I did.  Her last purse was a tan color although not a yellowish tan, it was more of a gray tan.  I also remember it weighed, what seemed like, a ton.  And there was no going into my mother's purse without direct permission from her.  You know I don't ever remember her ever giving me permission to go in her purse, she always said "bring me my purse" and she would dig through and find whatever it is I needed.  I remember the bottom being filled with change, probably why it was so heavy.  I can vividly see her getting out a handful of change when she needed it, just by reaching in her purse.

I guess the days after her death were so filled with grief and then there are the logistics of dealing with all the legal "stuff" in the two weeks I had here in the states before heading back to Germany. Trying my best to make sure my Dad was set, and had what he needed.  So I don't remember specifically going through her purse.

I do remember going through my Dad's wallet after his death.  It was a black leather wallet, that was well worn beyond real usefulness.  Although he was one that hated to change a well "fitted" wallet in for a new one.  I remember there was no money in the wallet at all, at the time (strange for my dad), but there were photos of all of us. He had an older one of mom in there.  It was black and white, I think it looked like it was a pre marriage shot of her.  Everything in his wallet was well worn, I guess from years of sitting.  He always carried his wallet in his back pocket, as most men seem to do.  I still have his driver's license. And run into it from time to time.

So the last few days I have been thinking about my Dad and his wallet, and wondering why men carry their wallet in their back pocket.  I know Jackson complains when he is driving that it is uncomfortable.  So if you know the reason or the origin, please leave a comment and let me know. And take a minute to tell your Mom and Dad how much you love him.

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