Friday, August 12, 2016

I Love You

Do you remember my posts about purging throughout my house.  Well I am working on one of the hardest areas here, the storage room.  My husband Jackson saves everything.  So this room is packed with things we "might someday need".  Even if those things are broken, like VCRs.  But in all of this stuff I found my canteen from my Army days.

I remember that time, Jackson and I were living in Fayetteville and I was assigned to the 5th MASH.  I had a major field exercise at Fort Polk, which involved units from all over the country and we were there for over a month.  I remember picking up my canteen while at Fort Polk and seeing what Jackson had written on the bottom.  It was so thoughtful and touching.  I still have it, found it a couple of days ago.  And now it sits on my altar with all my other treasures.

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