Monday, August 22, 2016

Bringin' Up Memories

OK so this purging is really bringing up lots of memories, great memories.  The boys enjoy it when this happens.  I have been finishing up purging, organizing and cleaning the storage room.  I think I mentioned a while ago that my husband keeps everything.  Well....we have computers from our time in Germany, that would be 1993-1997 time frame.  With the cleaning, came deleting all personal information from these old computers and recycling them.

Phillip loves taking apart these old computers, he is so knowledgeable, more so than I.  So he was helping me out with this task.  While he was into one computer he found two discs crammed into the disc drive.

Do you all remember these?  My boys loved the Little Critter books, I think we had every one ever printed. We also had a few of the books on disc.  This was Dallen's first introduction to the computer.  He was two at the time, Pre-Phillip.  I remember sitting there with him at the computer and helping him move the mouse around the screen, clicking on different items that would animate and say a little phrase.  Interactive, but not difficult.  He LOVED IT!  And of course he hasn't stopped loving computer games, so much so that he is creating his own.  

"Just Me and My Dad" was his all time favorite, and I can still hear "B I G Tuna" in my sleep.  

Not sure why two were crammed in the disc drive, but Phillip found them, and now it is time to say good bye.  They are old, they are unusable and the memory is in my brain not in the discs.  Great find though. Now onto other things.  

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