Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Recurring Dream

I had a dream the other night and it was the same dream I have had many times.  Well not exactly, the dream is generally different but the house is the same, and it is not a house I have ever seen before.  This house is a large house.

In the dream Jackson, the boys and I are living in only half of the house, which is a great size for the four of us.  LARGE living room, and a step down and around to a large dining area and kitchen.  The kitchen is older but fabulous.  There is also another large room, like a family room.  There are four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.  The whole house has an old Hollywood feel, glitter and pattern and a lavish look, although very comfortable for us.

I mentioned that we were living in only half of the house, the other half has not been renovated, so is very old, dusty, with wallpaper peeling, and in my dream this half is in black and white.  But the boys and I love roaming around this unfinished side, dreaming of how it will look when it is finished, playing games.  Which, when complete, will give us a huge amazing house.

Anyway this is just a dream, or rather several dreams.  All different with the one fabulous house bringing all my dreams together.  I feel like I can see it so clearly in my head that this house has got to be out there waiting for us, somewhere.  Maybe someday we will run into my dream house!

What recurring dreams do you have?

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