Monday, July 18, 2016

Find Your People

Not your family, your people.  I love my family dearly, but they are not here, around me, on a daily basis. So I have had to find my people, which hasn't always been easy for this introvert.  It is hard to make the decision to step through a door, talk to people I don't know, see how things click or don't click.  That is a hard step.

For years my people have been the homeschooling community.  I have such wonderful friends that I have met through different homeschooling groups, friends from around the country and the world.  I so enjoy that circle of friends. I do have several homeschooling friendships that have made it through the homeschooling journey and we are all still friends now, as our kids are aging out of the homeschool arena.  It is such a joy to get together with these people.

But I have developed another circle of friends, this surrounds our common interest in knitting.  I stepped outside my comfort zone a year or two ago, and decided to join in on a knitting circle in Morganton. This wasn't easy.  For an introvert it is much easier to just maintain current friendships, rather than work to create new ones. The knitting circle has evolved and now I attend a weekly circle on Saturday mornings and it is such a highlight for me.  These women are so funny and smart.  Some weeks there are two or three of us and other weeks more.  Some Saturdays we talk politics and more serious issues.  Other weekends we laugh so hard tears are rolling down my face. This past weekend was a laughing circle.

I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done but I laughed so hard my side hurt.  I love a group that is so diverse but can still find so much to talk and laugh about.  I enjoy talking homesteading, gardening, politics, religion. As well as throwing out ideas and coming up with some of the most creative, innovative, crazy ideas for knitting projects.  So many projects, that I work on, have evolved from discussions we have had at the Saturday morning knitting circle.  This group of women just amazes me and is such a joy to be a part of.

So I encourage you all to find your people.  Those that stretch the fabric of who you are, challenge your ideas, inspire creativity, laugh and cry with you. Step outside your comfort zone and find those people. Those are the people who add so much color to life.  FIND YOUR PEOPLE!

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Susan said...

I love our Saturday morning group as well and am so pleased that you are a part of it!