Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Another Favorite Restaurant

OK this one is in Asheville and the food is DELICIOUS.  Ask anyone who is vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free and they will tell you that eating out is impossible.  So if you find a restaurant where you can have more than just salad (hold the cheese and hold the croutons) it is WONDERFUL!  Rosetta's Kitchen is just that place.  So many options on the menu, or vegan dishes that can be made gluten free that I actually had to take a few minutes to actually read the menu.

I had dined here a few weeks ago with a couple of friends, one lives in Asheville and suggested we give it a try.  Last night Jackson, the boys and I traveled up the mountain to celebrate our oldest's, Dallen's, birthday. They all enjoyed Rosetta's Kitchen as well, yes, even our youngest, Phillip, who is always skeptical of vegetarian restaurants (although I don't know why).

Another treat, they have a kombucha bar, so many flavors to choose from.  Jackson had a flight, which is a sampling of the six flavors, and I had the earth flavor, my favorite.  Our youngest, who professes to hate kombucha, finished up half of mine as well as several of Jackson's.  The kombucha you can try in many grocery stores, farmer's markets and restaurants in the Southeast.

So if you are ever in Asheville this is another place to stop, we will definitely be eating here again!!

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