Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Journaling: A Look Back

Many of you know that I journal daily.  This hasn't been something I have continued throughout my life, but only for the past four years or so.  I hear, so often, people asking if they should keep their journals.  And while I always respond that it is an individual decision, I am so glad that I keep mine.  I really don't go through them, look at the past, but a week or so ago while I was cleaning in my craft space, I ran into my old journals. Coincidentally I picked up the one from two years ago and opened it up randomly to a page that just made me smile...

This entry was dated 22 April 2014 two years prior to my hike down The Grand Canyon (12 April 2016). In this entry I am visualizing my hike down The Grand Canyon.  I don't really remember what I write in my journal from day to day, and I don't remember writing this.  But it is such an affirmation to me that anything I can imagine, can become reality.  I could see it clearly in my mind, the day that I would hike, with my family, down and up the Grand Canyon.  A perfect day with my family. With a photo from a magazine, taped in for good measure. And it was, just perfect.  Me accomplishing a dream, and my family there cheering me on and accomplishing a great feat themselves.  We all had a perfect vacation, one that we will never forget. Something that started out as a goal I set for myself, and ending with all of us just so proud of ourselves and each other. 

So I encourage you all to write down your dreams, visualize what it will be like to accomplish that goal. What it will look like, what it will feel like.  And keep that in your mind as you work toward that moment in time.

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