Monday, May 23, 2016

Mom's Voice

A friend of mine lost her mom recently, and she commented on social media about her mother's voice on voicemail, and all the comments that followed were from people who also saved voicemail from their loved ones.  I just broke down in tears, not graceful tears that you dab from the corner of your eye. But the blubbering, messy, puffy-eyed tears, need a towel kind of tears.  I am so envious.  I wish I could hear my mother's voice.  It has been so long I can't remember her voice.  I would give almost anything to hear her voice again, just one time.  I can hear her laugh but her voice is just out of reach.

She is so lucky to have that to hang onto.  I know she isn't feeling lucky right now, but I know this amazing and powerful woman and I know she will work through all these feelings in her own time.  She will come out the other side of this, changed but strong.  She will have to figure out how to live in a world without her mom, just as many of us have already done.  But she will, I know this.  And in time she will be so grateful she has that voicemail to hear once in a while, when she needs just that little extra boost.

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