Thursday, April 21, 2016


What is it with some people and their trash.  I was driving to Curves today, as I do every weekday, and the person driving the truck in front of me tossed out his/her trash.  I mean I saw his arm come out the window and he threw out a very large styrofoam cup.  There was some sort of red logo on it, but I couldn't read it, even though it hit the front of my car.  I mean really, can't you just keep it in your car and toss it out when you get wherever you are going.  Or stop in one of the MANY gas stations on highway 70 and toss it into a trash can.

I remember talking to my boys about trash many years ago.  Someone has to pick it up, it will not biodegrade in any amount of reasonable time.  It will be there for many, many years to come.  So take a second to think about your trash and where it should go, if it is recyclable or reusable or has to be thrown away.  It only takes a second.

Which also reminded me of the time Jackson's dad was visiting us here in North Carolina.  I don't remember where we were at the time, but we were walking, his dad was in front and Jackson and I were behind him, each of us holding onto one of the boys' hands.  Jackson's dad pulled out a napkin and blew his nose on it and just tossed it on the ground.  Jackson and I looked at each other and I just softly said to Jackson, "he isn't my dad".  And Jackson bent over and picked it up.  I mean really, I am not biologically related to him and the thought of picking up his snotty rag almost made me vomit. I just don't understand that mentality.

Where do these people think the trash we toss on the ground, or in the back field, goes.  Is there some sort of magical fairy I don't know about that comes around and picks up after people like this?  If so, the person in charge needs to fire the fairy as he isn't doing his job.  Do these people not see the ramifications of their actions?  That we all have to look at the trash they toss on the side of the road or the sidewalk?  I don't have any answers but please if you are eating in your car, just save the wrapper and toss it out in a trash can.  I don't want to see it flying by.

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