Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Second Half of our Hike Into the Grand Canyon

This is a picture Jackson took of one of the only natural arches in the canyon.  Beautiful with the sun behind.

 We are nearing the bottom in the next few photos, and you can see the beauty from the bottom.  It is amazing.  By this point I was really getting tired, the heat was incredible. I couldn't wait to get to the Bright Angel Campground.

In the next three pictures you can see the Colorado River, and how close we are getting to crossing it!! YAY!!

A small tunnel that leads to the Black Bridge, which is the bridge that crosses the Colorado
 River on the way to the campground.

The next three pictures are of the Black Bridge, and the view of the Colorado River from the bridge.

Finally reaching the Bright Angel Campground.  YAY!! At this point we all were tired, it was late, we had so many delays on this hike down, so we had been hiking in the full sun in the middle of the day.  Once I sat down and cooled off I felt much better, my energy returned.  But at this point I am just happy to be sitting for a bit!

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