Wednesday, April 6, 2016

THE Green Glasses Bring So Much Joy

This purging process is bringing so much joy into my life.  Not just the obvious joy of clearing out the clutter and freeing up the wonderful space.  But bringing things out of hiding.  One example are these green glasses.

I know my brothers will recognize them but probably not many others will.  My mom kept these in the cupboard to the left of the sink.  Not the cupboard to the right of the sink, those were every day dishes.  But to the left of the sink, those were the "special" dishes.  I don't ever remember using them, but they were there, and we all knew they were there.  I do have special dishes of my own.  We don't use them every day, but maybe once a month I break out the china and crystal. 

When my parents died, I kept these glasses.  There isn't a full set there, so evidently my mom used them at least once.  And maybe that explains why I don't remember ever using them.  These glasses sat in a cupboard in the storage room at my house.  ALWAYS!  I had never taken them out, never moved them, although I knew exactly where they were, and I am not sure why I never took them out.  But they sat there. Maybe once every few months I would need something in that cupboard and would see the glasses, but that was it.  

So back to my purging.  The boys and I got rid of so many glasses we didn't like or use, and I had a big empty space.  So what is the perfect thing to do with that space.  BRING OUT MY MOM'S GLASSES, or course.  They just look so nice and sparkly, I love seeing them every day, I love using them, my boys love using them.  It just brings me so much joy.  And if they break, they break. LOVE THIS!  This process is just opening up so much unexpected joy! 

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