Monday, April 18, 2016

The BEST Place for a Picnic

I told the boys, when we reached the top, "this is just the best place for a picnic".  We hiked the Big Lost Cove Cliffs Hike, back toward the end of March.  It was wonderful, the weather was perfect and the hike was a little challenging but all in all one of the easier ones we have done.  Maybe a couple of miles up.  I really enjoyed this day.  And we took a picnic from Mountain Burrito, which was delicious and spent a little time at the top enjoying the peacefulness, the quiet and the AMAZING view.  I mean there were two other people on the trail, a father and son.  We met up with them on our way up as they were on their way down, so we had the trail to ourselves.  Just beautiful.

The picture above was the most precarious spot.  Only a small space to stand and nothing below.  So if you fall that is IT!  I mean the big "IT".  So while I was out there snapping photos, I had Jackson just put his hand on my shoulder.  Not that it would stop me from falling, but it made me feel grounded and the dizziness went away.  This was not the spot of our picnic, but just an awesome view on the way up.

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