Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Strange, New Experience

Maybe I just need to do this more, see health care professionals.  I have never had my eyes examined before....EVER!  This experience with the Morganton Eye Clinic was new and, for this introvert, a little nerve wracking.  I was nervous going in and it was very much assembly line in many aspects.  I told them that I didn't know what they were doing as I had never had my eyes examined before, but the assistant (not sure of her name or title) performed the eye exam and dilation as if I knew what was coming and what I was supposed to do/say.  I am sure for them it is almost assembly line. That almost had me in tears, and I am in tears right now thinking about it.  I just don't like new experiences and I know I need to get used to it.  Dr. McGee was very nice, but you could tell he was used to seeing people that had been there before, or at least had an eye exam before.  He would do things faster than my brain could process, expecting me to know what was happening and what I was supposed to be doing next.  I didn't, and I told him that, so he would know that I didn't have a clue.

Anyway I made it through the exam, and yes, as I expected, I do need glasses (if I didn't think so I would never have gone), and it will be easier the next time (if there is a next time). I will say the girl that helped me pick out glasses and lenses was so patient, just perfect for me. But this girl is relieved the experience is over, I'm exhausted. I guess I need to keep moving forward.

I have never been to see a doctor, since, hmmmm I guess it was when my boys were born, that was the last time I ever saw a physician, and that was 1997 in Germany. Oh nope, I am wrong, back in 2008 I saw an orthopedic surgeon for my ankle. I probably need to find me a good family physician.  Not so easy for me. When I was working as a nurse, way back when, I knew who the good doctors were and who I wouldn't take my dog to.  Now I am out of the loop, and Jackson is really no help there.  So I will have to ask friends, get recommendations and do my research.  I am turning 50 this year so I do need to have a mammogram and colonoscopy.  Make sure everything is as it should be.  More scary things coming my way. And you wouldn't think it would be as scary as it is, for me.  You would think I would be real comfortable in that environment, but I am not.  But I do know that I am strong, and I will do this, and it will all be OK.

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