Monday, April 4, 2016

Slow Going...GSC2016

OK so I am really enjoying the purging.  But it is such S L O W going.  I mean really getting in there to bring all those hidden piles of junk  treasures out, those things you thought you would save because "I might need it someday" or "hmm maybe I will want to work on that again sometime", yeah those things.  Bring them out into the light where you can see all the dust and ideas you once had, that is hard work.  But I am so OK, saying "yeah I once thought I might take a stab at that, but I haven't used it (or even seen it) in years so I know I am not going to use it in reality".  I can so say that to myself and purge things.

Two weeks ago I gave away my saxophone.  I started playing when I was in fourth grade.  I played all through high school.  Then put it in a closet and toted it around with me through my Army career and then here to North Carolina.  I actually removed it from its case and played it a couple of times about 8 or 10 years ago.  Bought all new saxophone books as I had lost all of mine, and bought a new cleaning kit, as the old one was falling apart.  And thought I would play again.  Well, that lasted about two weeks, and it went back into that dark corner of my closet.  There are just so many other things I would rather do with my time. And my boys are not interested at all.  So I gave it to a friend who wanted to try playing, of course I dusted it off a bit first.  But I am really doing that deep down purge.

That deep down purge doesn't show itself right away.  I will get to all the crap beautiful artwork, I have on my walls at some point down the road.  But first I need to clean those cobwebs, dig deep into the storage spaces and get rid of those skeletons.  Bring it all out into the open (OK that is a post for another day). But you don't see the tidiness behind the closet doors every day, those nice and neat, but hidden spaces wait for you to go look at them.  So my everyday visible house, still looks a little cluttered for now.  And I keep telling myself that in a few months it will all be nice and tidy.  I just need to hang in there.

At about the same time as the saxophone, I decided to purge my books, and I have so darn many.  I had books in my bedroom, stacked up, books on the living room book shelf, and a large book case full in the family room.  So I brought all those out into the middle of the floor and kept only what I love or need, which, turns out, isn't a whole lot.
Starting pile

I thought it a bit humorous that when I was done stacking and plopped down onto the floor to start going through this enormous pile, that the book below was the book on top.  Too funny!  Yeah, it had to go.

And this is the pile that was donated, only a few books were so badly worn/torn that I had to toss them, so most of my books could be donated.  And by comparison you can imagine the few that I kept.  Ahhh, clean book shelves feels so good.

So that is my update for now. I am enjoying this process, which I never thought I would.  But it is going to take me a while.  Will update again later.  Hope you all are enjoying your GSC2016 as much as I am!

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