Monday, April 11, 2016

Rich Mountain Hike-Take Two

Yes, we have hiked this one before.  Well, Jackson and I have, the boys have not but decided to join us this time.  The last time Jackson and I hiked Rich Mountain it was overcast and cloudy the whole day and from the top, we could see NOTHING.  Clouds in every direction.  But because of the small clearing at the top we knew there was a great view out there somewhere.  So this was our second attempt to see the area from above.  And even though we have hiked several other hikes in this general vicinity before, every hike is different and every view unique.

We started out around noon, it is like a 5-6 mile hike round trip.  We decided to park at the lake this time instead of the Moses Cone parking area, this eliminated the hike from Moses cone down to the lake, and we hiked straight up from the lake to the top of Rich Mountain.

Not many people out on the trail today, and about half way up we knew why, it was sleeting.  Not much but you could see the sleet sprinkling down and hear it as it hit the leaves.  By the time we were half way up you could see the clouds rolling in.  Not as impressive as the clouds that rolled in while we were in Germany (OK that was horror movie creepy) but it was impressive.  And when we reached the top....NO VIEW! Yes, for a second time we were not able to see anything except clouds.  Maybe we just are not meant to see the view from the top of Rich Mountain.  But we had a great time hiking and we are not giving up, we will be back to this one again, I promise.

After hiking we had a great early dinner at the Coyote Kitchen, our favorite stop when we are up in the Boone area! Wonderful day with the people I love most in this world.

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