Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bright Angel Campground Area

Here are some pictures taken from our time at the Bright Angel Campground.  It was amazing to see the Grand Canyon from the bottom, looking up.  Such a different perspective.  From the top you get an idea of the enormity of the Canyon, you see the vastness.  From the bottom you really see the details, and you are surrounded by canyon walls.  

This first photo is the Bright Angel Creek that runs by the campground, and this is morning so you can see the sun hitting the canyon wall.

The next six pictures are from Phantom Ranch near the campground.

Dallen reading on the beach by the Colorado River. 

Me starting my morning yoga, you can see the Black Bridge in the background.

Phil reading his book by the river.

More boats coming down the river.


Was thinking of you Bro!  Someday we will have to hike together. 

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