Monday, April 25, 2016

Before Our Grand Canyon Hike

I do have so many pictures to go through from our Grand Canyon adventure, I know there are people waiting to see our pics.  There are almost 400 pictures, so it is taking me a bit of time to go through them, select those that I like and divide them up into some sort of time line that makes sense.  So here is the first batch, all taken before our hike. We flew into the Phoenix airport and rented a car there.  Our first night was spent in Flagstaff.  We really liked Flagstaff, it reminded me so much of Asheville.  Just a younger crowd, eclectic shops, people, restaurants etc.  Plus a great view of the mountains.  Can't complain there!

From Flagstaff, we drove up to the Grand Canyon and spent the next night in the National Park. So these next photos are all taken at different points along the rim.  Just so beautiful.  Of course I was nervous about our upcoming hike so it helped to have something to do, keep busy. 

I later found out that in the picture above, that green spot in the center, is Indian Gardens, which is about half way up the Bright Angel Trail.  This is the trail we took coming up out of the Grand Canyon.

And I took these last couple of photos from out behind our lodging. the night before our hike.  

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