Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bass Lake to the Ranger Tower

We hiked this on the first weekend in April.  Great 10 mile, round trip, hike followed by dinner at The Coyote Kitchen, of course.  Can't resist this delicious spot when we are up in the Boone/Blowing Rock area. We started our hike at Bass Lake, I had not hiked all the way around the lake, it is really a nice spot.  Lots of college kids around, people walking dogs and biking.  Just a generally nice place to hang out.  We hiked up to the Moses Cone Manor and then up under the Blue Ridge Parkway and on up to the Ranger Tower, with a gorgeous view.  Although on this particular weekend it was windy and cold.  We still climbed the tower.  Nice carriage trails here, although there were quite a few downed trees crossing the trail, it is a nice trail, so if you are not dazzled by the idea of hiking on precarious trails with roots, stumps and rocks, this is a nice change.  And there are many trails around the Moses Cone park.


Great views all around.  The following three pictures are from about 1/4 of the way back down to the lake.  Jackson was having trouble with his foot so we stopped so he could take some time and tape it.  I used that time to stretch out a bit on the WARM grass, so delightful.  The view was amazing, blue sky and green grass. 

These are the only two pictures I snapped of the boys.  They hiked in front of us the entire time, chatting between themselves, so I had no opportunity for photos.

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