Friday, April 29, 2016

Bright Angel Trail Up Out of the Grand Canyon

Seeing the sun coming up in and around the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River was amazing.  I was nervous about hiking in the dark, I think we started out around 5 AM.  After breaking my ankle hiking several years ago (even though it wasn't at night) has made me cautious.  But I will say, even though I was a little anxious about hiking at that time of day, watching the sun rise was so beautiful and I am glad I didn't miss that experience.  As we climb up out of the Grand Canyon there were so many times I just stopped and looked around.  I would tell Jackson that I just wanted to take it all in while I could.  This was such a powerful, enriching experience, and I wanted to see everything, take everything in, remember every detail.

So there are a lot of pictures and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  We hiked up the Bright Angel trail, which, to me, was so scenic.

The picture below is actually of a spring coming out of the canyon wall, you can see the lush green cascade growing down, so beautiful.

Just amazing views all around, and below you can see some of the trail we had already hiked.  I found that just mind blowing.  You focus on going up and up and you turn around and see how far you have come. So proud of myself.

Yeah, there's the rim, that is where we are headed!

In the picture above, you can see the green patch almost in the middle of the shot.  That is Indian Garden, a camping spot, and that is about 1/2 way from the bottom to the top.

We're still feeling good!

The picture above is the point where I started crying.  I just couldn't help myself, Jackson did as well.  We are so close to the top. When you think about what you have just accomplished it is a bit overwhelming.  And we heard a ranger talk, while we were staying at the bottom.  He said that last year 5.6 million people visited the Grand Canyon, and of those less than 1 percent actually hike from rim to river and back.

The picture above is the actual trail head.  To the right in the photo is the start of the trail.  The picture below would be just to the left in the photo above, the large stone marker.  I will say it was amazing.  There were other people up there and people coming up that we had seen on the trail.  Everyone is so encouraging, and they know what you have just accomplished as you knew what they have just finished as well. So there was lots of cheers and "you did it"s to go around!!  Very emotional.  Of course there were also the 300 other visitors that had no idea.

This was the shirt I wore hiking up.  To remind me just how strong I am.  On the way down I wore my "no excuses" tee shirt.  I wore that shirt often during my months of training, That has been my mantra, "no excuses".  More about my personal thoughts and triumphs in another post.

This is also my Friday Photo post, so if you would like to see Nancy's Friday Photo, visit her blog, A Present Moment.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bright Angel Campground Area

Here are some pictures taken from our time at the Bright Angel Campground.  It was amazing to see the Grand Canyon from the bottom, looking up.  Such a different perspective.  From the top you get an idea of the enormity of the Canyon, you see the vastness.  From the bottom you really see the details, and you are surrounded by canyon walls.  

This first photo is the Bright Angel Creek that runs by the campground, and this is morning so you can see the sun hitting the canyon wall.

The next six pictures are from Phantom Ranch near the campground.

Dallen reading on the beach by the Colorado River. 

Me starting my morning yoga, you can see the Black Bridge in the background.

Phil reading his book by the river.

More boats coming down the river.


Was thinking of you Bro!  Someday we will have to hike together.