Wednesday, March 16, 2016


It is such a privilege to vote with these wonderful, informed, young men.  Yes they are my boys.  And as they have grown they have become more curious and informed about the political process.  Now they are both voting age and are both voting.

It is nice to see how thoughtful they are with their vote, how seriously they take this responsibility.  We spent a couple of hours the day before we voted, looking over the web sites of the candidates.  It was amazing that they not only looked at the candidates stand on different issues, but they critiqued the web site as well, spelling errors, typos, grammatical errors, how some had so many "words" on a site without saying anything, without telling you, the reader, what their opinion was on the issue.  Informed voters are a GOOD thing.

And their curiosity on the process has really led me to dig up the facts about voting in North Carolina.  I know in some states, if you are registered as unaffiliated, you can't vote in the primaries.  Well, not the case in NC, you can choose the party you would like to vote in.  Also I did find that you can register on the day of early voting.  So here, if you vote early, you can register and vote in the same day, which I think is great. The state needs two days prior to votes being counted, to verify your residency.  Different from many states.

I enjoyed seeing my boys vote for the first time.  Go through the process.  We voted early and voted last Wednesday, absolutely NO LINE.  None....walked in, verified ID, and voted.  We have a touch screen system, so it is simple, and takes only a minute.  AWESOME!  And of course, the "first time voting photo". I remembered doing this with Dallen.  And again, brought tears to my eyes, to see my boys voting, participating in the process and taking responsibility.

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