Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Cleaning...aka...Major Purge...aka...GSC2016

OK so spring feels like it is approaching, the temperatures outside are rising, I am eager to get into my garden and start working.  But first, I have this need to purge.  So I am actually participating in, what I am lovingly referring to as, "The Great Spring Clean 2016"  or GSC2016.

For my GSC2016, I am not just cleaning windows and screens, I am purging. I accumulate things, like clothing I don't like any more or no longer fits me.  I always seem to find more interesting more productive, things to do with my time.  I will say, as a positive, I really don't form attachments to things, so getting rid of "stuff" feels easy for me.  So I have done a little research on decluttering your space.  I really like the flylady, techniques.  I am a Queen of list making, so having todo lists suits me fine. Flylady has really helped me refine my daily/weekly/monthly todo lists. But I am not sure about going room to room with the decluttering. Have tried that in the past and it feels funny as some of my things are in more than one room.  For example my herbal supplies/remedies/tinctures in the making etc, are in 4 different rooms as well as craft supplies/stuff.  Those are in three different rooms.

So I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.  Easy read, I highly recommend the book.  And even though I have more than one room to clean, I think the principle can be applied on different levels, from a child or young adult living at home with their parents, to parents of young children, and empty nesters that maybe have a collection of a lifetime.  So I think I am tackling this job one section at a time.  And jumping right in.  

I am hoping it won't take me six months to accomplish, but who knows, I will have to update periodically, so you all know how it is going.  My clothes are almost finished.  I purged all clothes, shoes, bags, down to what brings me joy, what I use regularly or need.  Donated 4 large leaf trash bags from that, as well as one bag of trash.  Whew!  I already feel lighter.  Dishware is up next for me.  So pots/pans, cups, dishes, bake ware and the like.  

I will say, my husband tends to be more of the "keeper" type (I won't use the *H* word to describe him). So we will have to do this together, and I will be sensitive to his needs as well.  I am not even going to think about touching his things, his clothing, sports stuff, tools etc.  Those things are his and I really have no business there.  So I am sticking to my stuff and our/family stuff.  I think I can make this work for everyone and we will all reap the benefits of a decluttered home.  More updates will follow.  And PLEASE all those who are working through this process, have worked through a major purge, or want to go through this with me.....PLEASE leave me a comment.  I would love to have support in this process!  Love you all!

Maybe I need to rethink this and start with paper stuff?  What do you think?

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