Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Photo - Linville Falls

This is not going to be one photo, I just couldn't choose, so you get to see them all.  After voting last Wednesday, the boys and I went to Mountain Burrito and picked up lunch "to go".  And went hiking.  This could have been a bust of a day, but we are positive people and we made it work.  So yes, now I have to tell you the longer story, just so you know.  Weren't you curious, you know you were.

Starting out the day, we wanted to hike Table Rock.  We have hiked it several times over the years and at the top there is just such a nice place to picnic, great 360 degree views and flat areas to sit and relax.  It would have been a perfect place to talk, and eat lunch and spend time together, with my boys.  OK so I took a quick look online, only to find out that Table Rock is closed until April 1.  Booo, and such a nice 70 degree day outside.

There are other hikes we can do that are close by.  I have been wanting to take the boys on the Little Lost Cove Cliffs Hike, maybe this was a sign. This hike is similar to Table Rock at the top, just great views all around and a nice place to sit and picnic. Jackson and I have hiked this one once, and the boys have never been.  It is more isolated, not many people, if any, would be there today.  We drive all the way out there, it is on a dirt road quite a distance out, and there are really no parking spots, you just have to pick a place where the road is a bit wider and park.  The small wooden sign at the trail head was GONE.  And this trail, the last time Jackson and I were on it, was covered in leaves, and harder to see outright.  I was like 97% sure I had the spot, but with no sign I couldn't be 100% sure.  And I was nervous about taking a trail, I wasn't sure of. If it was the wrong trail, no one would no we were out there.  And there is no traffic out there or cell signal anywhere around, so it would be hard if we needed help for anything.  I know what you are thinking, OF COURSE I am overthinking this, it is what I do.  Phil was nervous about taking it as well, as he didn't think it even looked like a trail.  But to be honest, when we took it the first time it didn't look like much of a trail then either until we hiked further up the mountain.

So we back tracked and decided to try the North Harper Creek Falls Trail.  This one was well labeled and well worn.  We hiked that for about 15 minutes and ran into a place where you cross the creek.  Well it was wide, deeper than our boots, and rushing quite fast.  Looking up and down the creek, the only other crossing, which someone had made was a tree across the creek.  The tree, maybe I should say sapling, was about maybe 6-8 inches in diameter.  I just said, ummmm NO.  I was not crossing on that.  So we turned around and back tracked, again, to the car.

Not giving up, I just suggested we go to Linville Falls.  I knew we were only a few miles from the visitor center.  This hike we have done many times before, we knew it is beautiful, although we also knew there would be more people hiking this trail.  The trail is well manicured, wide, and there are a few places to stop and get a great view of the falls and the gorge.  It took us less than 10 minutes to get there, we hiked, stopped at every viewing spot, had great conversation, a few laughs and had our lunch listening to the water rush around us.  Beautiful, warm weather, spending time with two of the people I love most in this world, priceless.  So even tough this could have been a frustrating day, it was a beautiful day and I am so glad we took the time and let things roll.

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