Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Photo-Memories of Winter

Don't you just love kids and winter and the combination of the two.  My boys love the snow, well I should clarify, they love snow here in North Carolina, where the temps hover around freezing, so we have wet snow, perfect for sledding.  When they were younger they hated to see the snow melt.  And with the temps hovering around freezing, I don't think we have ever had any snow last more than a few days.  So they would capture that winter feeling by keeping a snow ball frozen in our freezer.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was reaching for something in the freezer and noticed a mason jar labeled January 17, 2008.  Of course I label everything that goes into the freezer.  I pulled it out and it was a snow ball.  Too funny.  An eight year old snow ball.  Of course both boys were OK getting rid of that snow ball now.  But it was nice to remember those times when they were younger, even for just a minute. I am sure there are other snow balls in the freezer, way in the back somewhere, just waiting to make an appearance.

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