Monday, February 29, 2016

Chemo Caps Complete

Here are the chemo caps I made over the last couple of weeks, 20 of them.  All ready to take to Susan at OSuzannah's Yarn on Union tomorrow, March 1.

I have been asked by several people why I am making the caps.  I am not participating in any knitting thing to make the caps.  I just do it periodically.  I have also made preemie hats before.  I make gifts for people, and for raffles.  I just do it.  I never thought about "why".  I guess sometimes I just feel like I need to give back, to help someone else when I can.  Like my cup is so full that it spills over and I can't help it.  It feels good, it will benefit someone else.  I don't need anyone to know I do these things, and the wearer will never know who contributes what hat.

I thought I would share this particular knitting project on my blog and on facebook so any of my local friends that also wanted to make a hat, would know I was doing it, and I would make sure the hats get where they need to go.

So anyway, here are the hats.

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