Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bee Hive Hat Pattern

Here is a quick hat pattern that is just so cute.  I made two of these today and I am in love.  I so wish I could wear hats.  My hair is just so long and thick that any hat just pushes right up off the top of my head.

Anyway as many of you know by now I am making chemo caps until the end of Feb.  **All my local friends** if you would like to join me in knitting or crocheting caps for chemo patients, just give them to me by March 1. I am taking all caps that I make/collect to Susan at OSuzannah's Yarn on Union and Susan will make sure they get where they need to go. Or if you prefer, drop them off at OSuzannah's yourself and you can take a look at the wonderful yarn she has at her shop, you will love it! So thanks to everyone that decides to help out, even 1 hand knit or crocheted hat will be helpful! Remember deadline is March 1. THANKS!

Here is the pattern for the Bee Hive Hat

Materials: Size 4 circular needle, Size 6 circular and DPN. 1 Stitch marker, and a tapestry needle
1 ball of encore DK yarn or any DK weight yarn (150 yards)

Gauge 8 stitches = 2 inches

CO-cast on
K2tog-Knit 2 together
P2tog-Purl 2 together

CO 66 stitches using size 4 needle, place stitch marker and join in the round.  K in round until piece measures 2 inches.

Switch to size 6 needle
Round 1-4: P
Round 5-8: K
Repeat rounds 1-8 5 more times.
(If you want the hat to be longer, like a slouchy hat just keep repeating rounds 1-8 as many times as you like)

Decrease (switch to DPN when needed)
Round 1: *P2tog, P7, repeat from * around
Round 2: P
Round 3: *P2tog, P6, repeat from * around
Round 4: P
Round 5: *K2tog, K5, repeat from * around
Round 6: K
Round 7: * K2tog, K4, repeat from * around
Round 8: K
Round 9: *P2tog, P3, repeat from * around
Round 10: P
Round 11: *P2tog, P2, repeat from * around
Round 12: P
Round 13: *K2tog, K1, repeat from * around
Round 14: K
Round 15: K2tog around
Cut yarn leaving 6 inch tail.  Thread tail onto tapestry needle and slip through all remaining stitches.  Place tapestry needle through the hole in the top to the inside of the hat and pull tight.  Tie off and weave in all loose ends.

I also worked this in a worsted weight yarn, you can see that below.  For this I used size 6 and size 8 needles, gauge 9 stitches = 2 inches. I decreased the CO stitches to 62 but otherwise the pattern was exactly the same.  I also want to note that when decreasing, a few times, there were one or two extra stitches at the end of the rounds. I just knitted/purled those.  The decrease rounds didn't always come out exactly even, but it made no difference in the pattern.

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