Monday, January 25, 2016

Why I Moved South....

This past weekend is a perfect example of why I moved South.  I remember so clearly when both Jackson and I were done with our commitment to the US Army, we were living in Germany.  Both of my parents had crossed over, Jackson and I were talking about "what next....where next".  And neither of us enjoyed living where there was snow and cold.

I remember living and working in Maine.  I remember slipping and sliding on the ice as I crossed the parking lot to work.  I remember scraping my windshield every winter day.  I also remember sitting over the heater in the house, not being able to get warm.  Those are parts of Maine I did not like, I am not a cold weather person.

But the winters here are tolerable, even enjoyable at times, and are so quick to be over.  I think I have posted about this before.  It snowed this past weekend.  Enough that the boys could snowboard down the hill here at our house.  Jackson and I went for a walk in the woods.  I wore my LLBean boots for only the second time this year.  These boots get so little use that, even though they are over 20 years old, they still look like new. And my son made a snow man (that is his snowman up there in the corner).  I helped just a little, as did Jackson, but his creative efforts soon surpassed mine.

I made sure my bird feeders were kept full, and so enjoyed watching the birds come and go throughout the day.  It is amazing how spectacular they look against that white background.  I actually shoveled snow. Haven't had to shovel snow in years.  We have just never had enough to shovel.  It felt good to be out in the snow by choice, knowing that I could just pop back inside and warm up, I had no where I "had to be".  It is nice knowing that by the end of the week most, if not all, of this will be only a memory.

This is why I moved South.  Of course there are many more reasons now that we have lived here for 18 years, but this is why I moved here.  And this is one reason I love it here.

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