Monday, January 4, 2016

Little Lost Cove Cliffs Trail to North Harper Creek Falls Trail

A cold morning but it was NOT raining so Jackson and I headed out Sunday morning for a nice hike.  The temps were chilly, hovering around 35 degrees but we dressed accordingly and had a great hike.  Sunday morning is a great time to hike as, here in The South, we pretty much have trails to ourselves.

We started with the Little Lost Cove Cliffs Trail as we have had a lot or rain lately and Jackson thought the creek crossing near the beginning of the North Harper Creek Falls Trail might be impassable.  So if we started on the other end we would have more hiking in before we had to decide on those obstacles.  And he was right.

The Little Lost Cove Cliffs hike is an uphill hike to amazing views all around.  We took pics on one side then crossed over through the trees to the other side of the cliffs and took photos on that side.  All beautiful.  The air was just so crisp and clean, I could have stayed here a while.  But knowing that we were less than half way through the hike, we moved on.  The hike from here is no where but DOWN.  Challenging because the trail is covered in fall leaves, and beneath those leaves were loose rocks and sticks, just made for slower going for me as I still have this slight fear in me with every step.  Don't want to fall.

We made it down this trail to a dirt road and continued on to the North Harper Creek Falls Trail.  This trail is pretty easy, downhill, nice wide trail.  We followed the creek in places.  Lots of like streams coming down the mountain that were beautiful but not difficult to cross.  The idea is when you finish this trail you are almost back to where you started.  Just a short walk on a dirt road and you would be done.

Well we reached on of the creek crossings.  OK so probably knee deep, ice cold, slippery rocks on the bottom and the creek was running pretty fast.  We did try to cross, barefoot, but it was just too difficult. Knowing that there were more creek crossings up ahead we decided to turn around and head back up, up, up the mountain the way we came.  Made for a much longer hike, but safer, and I am all about safety when hiking these days.

Still an overall great hike.  I would love to do this one again when the creek is a little lower.  And the air temps are not quite as cold.

Amazing to watch the water pass by and fall over the edge.  We couldn't see the waterfall from here but it made a great stopping point for just a minute.

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