Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Essential Oil Shelf - Christmas Present

Here is another christmas present, from Jackson.  He made it himself and I love it.  It comes from wood from our property.  We cut dead standing trees for firewood to help keep us warm in the winter.  This particular tree was half eaten by termites but had a wonderful section that was untouched.  The wood was just so beautiful.  Jackson cut it down and then, using the chainsaw, cut beautiful planks.  They have been drying in the barn for a while and we use pieces from time to time.  I had mentioned to him that I would love a shelf for my essential oils, my cabinet is just hard, you reach in for one and 15 tip over.  So I was telling him what I would like and he made it for me.  As you can see it will hold so many more.  There are small cut outs to keep them upright, and he made them in the different size circumferences to hold the different size bottles that I have.  I just think the wood grain in this piece is beautiful.  LOVE IT!  And love the man that made it for me.

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