Wednesday, November 4, 2015


A friend of ours has a Halloween party every year, and we always attend.  Lots of fun with other families, lots of food, movies, chatting and a bonfire.  I rarely have time to dress up myself.  I am generally making food to bring to the party as well as helping the boys with their costumes.  But this year we actually planned ahead and everyone was dressed up.  I thought I would snap a few pictures before we headed to the party.

Phillip as a skeleton, or sorts.  I painted his face and I thought it came out spooky enough.  Of course when he smiled, I thought that was even creepier.

Jackson as Daryl from TWD, complete with crossbow and ear necklace.

I went as Mother Nature.

And my oldest, Dallen was a wizard.  I made the cloak and I can't even count the number of cloaks and capes I have made over the years.Very nice. 

Here is the brain cake I made, with help from Jackson.  Red Velvet cake with fondant and seedless raspberry jelly.

We sort of followed this youtube video if you are interested in recreating it yourself.

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