Friday, October 16, 2015

What Small Appliance in Your Kitchen Do You Use the Most

This is a cooperative blogging post and an EASY one.  I think my friend Nancy came up with this prompt as she LOVES to cook.  If you want to see what appliance gets used most as her kitchen visit her blog,  A Present Moment and leave a comment.

For me the one that gets used the most and is my FAVORITE small kitchen appliance is my stand mixer.  I have a green Kitchen Aid mixer.  Here let me show you a picture.

There it is.  You can see the metal ring that fits around the front part has fallen off.  I just use this almost daily. I bake bread at least three times a week and it is just so handy.  I remember using the hand held mixer before this, and this is so nice, you can add ingredients without stopping the mixer at all.  I also have the grinder attachment so grind my own wheat about 1/2 the time (the other 1/2 I just don't have the time).  It sits out on my counter all the time so it is ready to go.  LOVE IT!!

Of course my Kitchen Ninja gets used probably more, to make smoothies at least once a day, but it is not my favorite so I won't get into that appliance.  Take care everyone, have a great weekend, and leave me a comment telling me what appliance you use most!

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