Friday, October 23, 2015

Things My Children Have Taught Me

This is a cooperative blogging post so if you would like to read what Nancy's children have taught her, please visit her blog, A Present Moment.

This is a tough one, so many things I have learned from my children.  I have blogged about this in the past.  I wanted, this time, to just pick out one thing.  And for me that is "to trust".  To trust in myself and my intuition and to trust in them.  

That was something that was not ingrained in my childhood, growing up. Actually it was just the opposite.  I was taught that I was just a child and could not trust my instincts.  That I should rely on my elders, they were older and knew better.  To trust that my mother knew what was best for me.  So growing up I did not trust myself, trust my intuition.  And as you grow, when this is your inner dialogue, you just never really trust yourself at all, even as an "adult".  I mean there is no magic pill you take, it is just who you are.  And when you are taught that you don't know what is best for yourself, you feel it your whole life.  Like there is something wrong with your inner compass, something you can't rely on.  

So my children taught me, from the very beginning, to trust that feeling inside.  That really I do know what is best for me, that I know how to react, I know what my inner voice is saying if I just listen.  And to also trust them.  I did not want to pass this distrust on to my children, so if I was going to trust my inner instincts, I had to also believe that they could trust their instincts.  That they also knew what was best.  Even as young infants, in their limited communication abilities, I had to learn to listen, to trust and to let go of all those external voices. 

This has been my greatest learning opportunity.  To let go of what I had been taught and trust myself, and trust my boys.  

What have your children taught you? 

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