Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Precipice Trail - Acadia National Park - I DID THIS!

Yes, *I* did this, The Precipice Trail.  And I am so darn proud of myself and Jackson and the boys...they did it too!  It was scary in places.  I am so glad that I do NOT have a fear of heights.  Once we made it to the top, we all felt like we could tackle any challenge.  Amazing views, and such a feeling of accomplishment.  It was not really a hike, more like boulder scrambling and rock climbing.  You will see in the pictures there were metal rungs drilled into the rock face in places to help out along the way.  The hike starts and ends with this warning:

For those of you that have said I am not in many pictures, well this is your post.  I am in most of these as I gave my camera to Jackson for the climb.  I was climbing over boulders and my camera would swing down so much, I was just afraid I would break it.  Jackson had his back pack so he carried the camera.

There were two places in this hike where I had to sit and stop for just a few seconds and cry and then regroup and move forward.  It would hit me all of a sudden, the thought that my boys were just a few minutes ahead of us on the trail, and were so close to the edge, just that realization that I could not control the situation at all, I just had to release those feelings.  It hit me hard twice, but was a great learning and growth experience for me.  There was one young man on his way down, which I myself would never go down this trail, we opted to take the back trail down.  It was a little easier, not nearly as scary.  But this young man, was on his way down, obviously he was in great shape.  I was old enough to be his mother.  I stepped out of the way, as best I could, for him to pass, and just automatically said "please be careful".  He knew exactly what to say in return, he said "I will" in this soft, sweet voice.

OK on to the pictures.  It is an AMAZING trail.  We do plan to go back to Acadia on another trip and hike more trails.

Yes that is me up there and where are we headed....straight up!

The picture above and below are both of my oldest son, Dallen.  He said this was the hardest part for him, climbing UNDER that giant boulder.  It was a tight fit.

Yup, that is me and Phillip, my youngest, there on that ledge.

This is a little deceptive, you think you are almost to the top.  But WRONG.

That is Dallen's head sticking up there by that tree.

I liked this picture, Phillip is videotaping Jackson photographing Phil.

The view down.

I think this was one of those place I just had to stop for a second to release some of those tears/fears.

Not sure you can see it without zooming in, but just off the road is a white dot, just left of center, and that is our car.

The picture above is where we were headed but I have no idea how we got up there.

OK the picture above and the two below are almost at the top.  You think you have made it then realize...nope, more to go.

From here you can see the top, and the pictures below are AT THE TOP!  YAY!!!

Amazing views all around.

I loved this picture.  Jackson set the camera on a rock (no other people up here to take a photo of all of us), then jumped in the shot.  The camera must have been on a tilt because we all look like we are leaning (or maybe we were)..too funny!

Me and my sweetie!  

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