Friday, October 9, 2015

Most Memorable Meal

This is a cooperative blogging post so if you want to see what Nancy's most memorable meal was check out her blog, A Present Moment.

For me this was a tough one.  It isn't really the meal that is memorable but the moment, the experience.  I have had great meals in amazing places.  So many with Jackson and the boys.  One most recent was after our Precipice Hike we stopped at Cafe 2 in Southwest Harbor.  Delicious food, amazing desserts and the Chai was oh so good and hot on a chilly evening.  But seriously it was all about talking about the trail and our experiences, how we felt, laughing so hard, and just feeling "good".  I have so many of those memorable meals, in Germany, out West...

I think one more memorable meal that sticks out in my brain is one Thanksgiving when I was a child.  I don't know how old I was, but I remember that my grandmother was hosting.  My mom was cooking at home and my dad was going hunting in the morning, so he dropped me off at my grandmothers home.  She and I watched the Thanksgiving day parade on TV together.  She, at that time, lived in a small trailer and I remember her getting ready for dinner.  She had a tables everywhere.  The "table" stretched from her kitchen on through to her living room (which in a small trailer is quite a challenge) and there were so many people, her children and grandchildren, people and food everywhere.  But again it wasn't the meal itself.  My grandmother was not a very outwardly affectionate person.  And I was rarely invited up to her house to spend any quality time with her.  So this day felt extra special, just she and I.  A very very rare occasion. She is gone now but I still remember that day, and remember how that day made me feel.

Another memorable meal was with a friend.  She and I and our kids took a road trip out west and we fell in love with one particular restaurant, Tomasita's in Santa Fe.  Loved it, the food was delicious.  I think we had a margarita and we were just relaxing, eating great food and laughing so hard, at our everything.  Laughed until we cried.  It was one of those moments that really colors my life.

Of course I love our "guacamole and cheese dip" nights.  Fresh home made guacamole, snacking and watching movies with the family.  Just comfortable and nice family time! Can't beat that.

Those are a few of my most memorable meals.

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