Monday, October 12, 2015

Family, Memories and the Lunar Eclipse

It was such a nice time sharing space with family again.  So many great times.  We took some time this trip to take the boys bowling, they had never bowled candlepin before so this was new.  But I think they enjoyed the experience. We went to DePatsy's Lanes.  I so remember my dad bringing me here in his off time, when I was so young.  I would watch him bowl and play pool.  I remember bowling here in my teen years.  I knew all the regulars, so many were like second fathers to me, they watched me grow up alongside their own children.  It was nice to be back and share this with my boys.  The place is no longer DePatsy's, can't remember the new name.  And, of course, EVERYTHING has changed.  My sister-in-law asked about all the old photos that used to decorate the walls.  We were told that most of them were destroyed when the place was flooded by rains, before the new owners took over.  But she pulled out two photos that survived. One of those photos did have my dad in it.  He is the one on the far left. The more photos I see of my dad, the more I think Dallen looks so much like him. We had a great time enjoying the evening and the memories.

And here is a picture of my older brother, Jeff, bowling.  I don't think he knows I snapped this shot.

Another memorable family moment from our vacation was enjoying the lunar eclipse.  We rented a house in Damariscotta, it was really close to town but at the very end of a dirt drive and secluded.  Wonderful place, and really no light pollution.  The night was perfectly clear and beautiful.  The boys, Jackson and I all enjoyed this lunar eclipse together in Maine.  Phillip snapped some photos so I thought I would share them here.

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