Friday, October 30, 2015

Easy Peasy Poncho

OK that isn't the name of the pattern, but it really is EASY!  Quick knit, a day or two to knit.  You will need to wet block this poncho.  Even with the I cord edge it wants to roll, even after getting the poncho really wet and blocking it, the edge still rolled just a bit.

Here is the pattern, free ravelry download, I Want That Wrap.  I used a worsted weight yarn and a size 8 needle (I do knit loose so you could easily use a 9 as called for in the pattern).  And I even did a gauge swatch, which I rarely do.  I ended up adding stitches, 20 or so, to the pattern, knowing the width was 21 inches.  If I had not done a gauge swatch, I would have been very disappointed.  I did not repeat the stripe (purl) pattern, I just added knit stitches.  But it came out beautiful!  I decided that I would make this one for my friend, Nancy, this pumpkin color is really her color, and I think the poncho looks so beautiful on her.

So if you are looking for another quick and easy present, this is a great choice.

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