Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cooler Weather Brings Back Memories

Really it isn't  just the cooler weather, but the feeling of the cool air blowing on me and the smell or the fresh cut grass, and the fresh air blowing through the house.  It always beings memories flooding back, more so than any other time of year.

I guess for me Fall here in North Carolina, feels like Summer mornings in Maine.  The air is just a bit cooler, 60s-70s, and I have the windows open and the house fan on, so the air is just streaming in.  I remember that feeling when I was younger, my mom would open the windows and put the box fan in the living room window, to cool the house off in the morning before it would get hot outside, no central AC then.  So I love sitting here at my home in NC, closing my eyes and just remembering summers in Maine.

I think of all the time we spent out at a friends cottage, swimming, walking.  Several times we dragged mattresses down by the water to sleep under the stars.  I remember picking strawberries with my mom. Going out in the boat with my dad.  Or summers spent at Moody's Campground.

Fall seems more special to me every year.  All those memories seem so close to the surface, and I can share them with my boys.  I love that.  Sharing memories of people they never knew.

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